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Submitted on
March 2, 2010



One of my favorites of every artist I watch M - Q

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 2, 2010, 3:07 PM

I am happy to show you a favorite of every artist I watch.
I will update this frequently as I find time.

M - O

Last Edit: March 11, 2012

:iconmagnusti78: Signs by magnusti78:iconmakinmagic: Peppers by MakinMagic

:iconmalikanas:Oriental Pages_Page 47 by malikanas:iconmanapi:Summer mystery by manapi

:iconmaroc68:  Senza Emozioni by MaRoC68 :iconann-mclaren:  Lost Scarf by Ann-McLaren  

:iconmdichow:Poppers by mdichow :iconmeckie: Total Xaos by Meckie

:iconmorphapoph: Apophymator 10x by morphapoph :iconmetamorphosys: coming back by metamorphosys

:iconmichaelanderson:Timeless by michaelanderson :iconmichaelfaber: Alongside by MichaelFaber

:iconmihai82000: SleepWalking Well by Mihai82000  :iconmikey1964:Sativa Dream by mikey1964

:iconmilleniumsentry: Bubble Machine by milleniumsentry  

:iconmimulux:One Last Goodbye by mimulux :iconmindstep: Dragonfly by MindStep

:iconmintyfresh: citrus by mintyfresh :iconmishelangello:Avantgarde still-life by Mishelangello

:iconmithgariel:  Through a Stargate, vol. I by Mithgariel :iconmjbeng: Indonesian School Girls by mjbeng

:iconmobilelectro:  earth blossom 2 by Mobilelectro :iconmohaganbev: until the last drop by mohaganbev

:iconmonika-es:new step by monika-es

:iconmothersheart: FE.11-15-2010-006 by MothersHeart :iconmrsgraves:  Behind Lilies by MrsGraves  

:iconmunch12:Overlap by Munch12 :iconmynti:  Dawn in the Meadow by mynti  

:iconmzkitty45601: Touched in the Head by MzKitty45601:iconsuicidebysafetypin: Tile Twist by SuicideBySafetyPin

:iconneonrauschen: Quicksand by neonrauschen:iconnewcastlemale:Alnwick Castle 4 by newcastlemale

:iconnight-fate::iconnightmares06: Old School Style by nightmares06

:iconnilnilnil: Blood From Stone by NilNilNil :icon6nine-eyes9::thumb91315237:

:iconninthtaboo: Here Comes the Spider-Dude by NinthTaboo :iconnmsmith: Abstract Fractal by nmsmith

:iconfractaleuphoria:  Fascination Street by FractalEuphoria :iconobeyyourmaster:Wrapped in a bow by obeyyourmaster

:iconomey: Exhale by omey

:iconomron:Genesis by Omron :iconotherw0rld: Whisper by otherw0rld  

:iconparrotdolphin:Flower Thing by parrotdolphin:iconpenny5775: 11 03 29 A by penny5775

:iconpenngregory: tree of life by penngregory :iconpesare: Winter Garden by pesare

:iconphilipstraub:Meet The Imaginaries by Philipstraub:iconphoenix-22:  Virtue by Phoenix-22

:iconphoenixkeyblack: Tough Negotiation by phoenixkeyblack

:iconphoto-earth:situated by photo-earth  :iconphotodream::thumb63855461:

:iconphudak78:Robot Feathers Variation by phudak78 :iconpinkal09:Lotus Tower by pinkal09

:iconplatinus: Katana by Platinus :iconprincess-of-shadows: poisoned kisses by Princess-of-Shadows

:iconpsion005:  Tidal Force by psion005  :iconpuimun:The Dangerous Other by puimun

:iconpupasoul: :iconpygar:The Tree Fairy by Pygar

:iconqianyu: Red Lotus by qianyu

Please send me a note if you don't like to see your art featured here and I shall remove it right away.</p>

The features had to be split into several journals because of the journal size limitation.

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