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December 18, 2009


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My Watchers Part VII

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 18, 2009, 6:57 PM

This journal is dedicated to my regular and not so regular watchers and I will update it frequently.
Please note me if you notice a mistake or if you want me to remove your feature.
Thank you so much for your support ! :rose: :beer::heart:


:heart: Featuring my watchers as of March 19, 2012 :heart:

Part VII

:iconhanto:Magic Mushrooms Colour by Hanto:iconsubzeromonarch:Tangerine Twist by SubzeroMonarch

:iconmeatwad124:fire flower by meatwad124:iconbcre80v:Babilonian Garden by bcre80v

:iconmunch12:Wonderous by Munch12 :iconevilpj:incubus by evilpj

:iconsuji-san:Fire and Ice by Suji-san:iconcquake:Fireworks 2.0 by CQuake

:iconlana12:309 by lana12 :icondreamz-of-twilight:Modern Day Dinosaur by Dreamz-of-Twilight

:iconnetta43:The Traveler by netta43 :iconibrahimabutouq:basmallah 33 by ibrahimabutouq

:iconwolfepaw:Apo Jelly Armada by wolfepaw :iconmibibo:Kitty Pajamas 8D by Mibibo

:iconhopey-mean:Her secret hide-out by Hopey-mean:iconsvet-svet:Pond. BG by svet-svet

:icontredemptation:Trance 2.0 by tredemptation :iconcacbig:2-Give Me a Name Please? by cacbig

:icongwadagirl:Orange orchidee by GwadaGirl :iconcomplete-loser:Symbolismatik by Complete-Loser

:iconmyth22:HE IS LOOKIN' RIGHT AT ME RAY by MYTH22 :iconscrawnyfella:Madonna Blurred by scrawnyfella

:icondeviatedone:Halo Team-Up by deviatedone :iconfelis-maula:gift for lazeros by felis-maula

:iconliviugherman:wa08_pansy of Parma by liviugherman :iconmario4155:Camaro Concept 8 by Mario4155

:iconyenzi:want be my puppet by Yenzi :iconemilia-21:Zero vamp knight by Emilia-21

:iconrachelkat:horse 3 by rachelkat :icontorpilla:Fallen by Torpilla

:iconcrayonflux::thumb118482308: :iconallure09:Sun Flower by Allure09

:iconobsidian-siren:To Save An Angel by Obsidian-Siren:iconbarkingcatslc:Tulips deviation by barkingcatslc

:iconpzzpod:Where Are We Going? by PzzPod :icongomit:Blue Pain.. by gomit

:icongenelatour-x:Ruin Colors of Sigfried SC4 by Genelatour-X :iconsan-fran-fan-101:Panda by san-fran-fan-101

  :iconiconicimagery:Mother's Day at the Beach by IconicImagery:iconhbkerr: Sunflower by HBKerr

:icondepaz:Gemstone Path by depaz :iconlarabln:Lilas by LaraBLN

:iconsarcasticallyyours:The Nature of Evil by sarcasticallyyours :iconzoranjmatic:No. 3 by zoranjmatic

:icondecember-yours:Twink by december-yours:iconanaxsys:Ambient Disposition by Anaxsys

:iconlegalycaro:Speculum Serie I by legalycaro :iconswisspsycho:Autarchy by swisspsycho

:iconkatdesignstudio:Mesoamerican Blink by katdesignstudio:iconjaydeedo::thumb270978986:

:iconalanja2012:Disteln02 by Alanja2012:iconziosergio:Rosone by zioSergio

I hope that these features made you curious to see more of my new watchers work.

Please send me a note if you don't like to see your art featured here and I shall remove it right away.

The features had to be split into several journals because of the journal size limitation.

Please also see Part I - Part XII

Part I  Part II Part III Part IV Part VPart VI

Part VII Part VIII Part IX Part X Part XI Part XII Part XIII

:heart: :heart: :heart:

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Please forgive me for not sending any ":iconyvw4plz:" replies.
I just have to reduce typing or I never get to see all your work.
Please don't feel obliged to send me "Thank you" messages on every little thing and
don't hesitate to skip the "you are welcome" when I thank you for something.


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